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Watson's Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Gift Set



They're BACK! If you were lucky enough to get your hands on last year's Barrel 1 and 5 syrups, you will know JUST how exciting the 2018 release is! Check out this year's selections below...

*Notice: Due to extremely small batches of each single barrel there is only a limited number of bottles from each barrel. We will update this page as soon as one barrel is sold out*

**Syrups ship within 3 business days.**


LIMITED EDITION 107 WELLER ANTIQUE BARREL {The Bourbon Review Collaboration}

($55 value)

This bottle is included in the Limited Edition (The Bourbon Review Collaboration) gift set. Not sold individually.

This barrel is our first collaboration with the Bourbon Review and was a hand picked barrel by the BR team from 2017.  As we all know an outstanding barrel of whiskey makes for an outstanding bottle of barrel aged maple syrup.  A Weller Antique Barrel filled with Dark Amber syrup with a translucency of 29% then aged to perfection.  The result is one of the best products we have ever produced.  

Syrup Notes:  Expect a strong maple presence with deep barrel notes of vanilla and cherry and a robust maple flavor.  Wheated whiskey maple syrup

Recommended Uses:  Great paired with meats, a finish for bacon and ribs,  pancakes or crepes,  over vanilla ice cream it’s amazing or just drink it straight from the bottle



BARREL 4 {white}

($35 value)

Can be purchased individually or a part of the Limited Edition  (The Bourbon Review Collaboration) gift set.

This barrel is a 10 year old Elijah Craig barrel from Heaven Hill Distillery. This barrel was chosen because of its strong notes and deep characteristics, EC barrels make for some outstanding robust syrup. We paired this barrel with a dark amber syrup with a translucency of 29%. The outcome is a complex and hearty barrel aged maple syrup. If you’re a fan of Barrel 5 then this syrup will exceed your expectations.

Syrup Notes: Expect a robust maple presence with strong notes of barrel char and a nose of Elijah Craig bourbon. Light sweetness compared to other bottles with deep barrel notes of vanilla, and the strong presence of dried fruit, cherries, plum and fig in the finish.  

Recommended Uses: Great paired with meats, glazed on poultry, finished for bacon and ribs, apple pie drizzle, enhance your coffee

Ingredients: All natural 100% Grade A Maple Syrup (no additives)


Made in USA


BARREL 2 {red}

($35 value)

Can be purchased individually or a part of the Limited Edition (The Bourbon Review Collaboration) gift set.

Aged in a 10 year old barrel that contained an outstanding single barrel whiskey that was handpicked by us. This is the sister barrel to #1 with the same mash bill of 75% corn 21% rye and 4% barley. Paired with an amber pure maple syrup from an early season tapping at the farm produced a simply outstanding barrel aged maple syrup. This is vanilla and maple at a whole new level

Syrup Note: Strong vanilla notes, maple, hint of cinnamon with a light bourbon barrel finish. This barrel is best paired with items that want maple and vanilla to stand forward. 

Recommended Use: Use on subtle cocktails (vodka based), light desserts, pancakes or transform your holiday veggies into something amazing. Drizzle on your ice cream with berries, cheesecake, breakfast tea.


Made in USA


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