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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Stave Coat Rack


This authentic hand crafted Bourbon Barrel Stave Coat Rack has served its purpose, starting as virgin American Oak, charred and then filled with clear liquid to spend years atop the Rick house aging a fine Bourbon. After the aging process and the draining of the barrel of its brown caramel colored contents, we procured the barrel and have produced this Stave Coat Rack. The character of the stave is clearly visible with marks where the Barrel Hoops held the stave in place. The back of the stave is charred and one can only imagine the interaction of the char with the clear alcohol over the years. The stave has been lightly sanded and finished with multiple coats of durable urethane before the attachment of four (4) bronze coat hooks.

  • Source: Reclaimed American Oak Bourbon Barrel
  • Dimensions: 4.5” x 36”
  • Made: In Kentucky