• Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Furniture Tables - Bourbon Outfitter
  • Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Furniture Tables - Bourbon Outfitter

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Furniture Tables


A stunning piece of american history, these rare, unique, handcrafted bourbon barrel furniture tables have a story to tell as each of them started as an Oak sapling grown and harvested in foothills of Missouri.  Upon harvest they were transported to a cooperage company in Louisville, Kentucky that crafted the raw wood into virgin oak bourbon barrels for shipment to the local distillery.  Each oak barrel's inside was charred for one minute to create the vessel for filling and aging of Kentucky Bourbon. Upon shipment of the new bourbon barrel to the distillery, clear alcohol was poured into the barrel and it was placed atop a rick house in the countryside of Kentucky.  Time, temperature, pressure, and gentle winds worked its magic rinsing the clear alcohol through the charred grains of the staves of the barrel.  After a few years, the result was a finished product - caramel colored mellow Kentucky Bourbon.

When the barrels have completed their noble duty we purchase them, take them apart, and repurpose the barrel heads and side staves for these beautiful bourbon barrel furniture tables.  We keep as much of the char sides as possible to ensure the authenticity of the original bourbon barrel. The handcrafting of the wood and light application of stain and sealant leaves a beautiful grain that tells its story just by looking at it. 

Handcrafted in the deep south, both of these bourbon barrel furniture tables are reclaimed, prepared, finished, and hand assembled by expert wood workers.  The bourbon barrel tables are offered in two heights (1) 19" for use as an end table, or (2) 35" for use as an accent or cocktail table. Both bourbon barrel furniture tables use the intact bourbon barrel head as the main surface area and bourbon barrel staves as the support legs. 

  • Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Furniture Tables
  • Bourbon Barrel End Table (19" Height)  or  Bourbon Barrel Accent Table (35" Height)
  • Table Surface Size is 22" Diameter 
  • Handcrafted from Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel 
  • Weight: 18 pounds 
  • Ships in One Package w/ Legs Prepared for Hand Attachment to Table Surface (no tools required)