Old Medley 12 Year Bourbon


A sweet aroma hits you first, followed by a good amount of oak. A surprise amount of alcohol hits you for a 86 proofer. A longer whiff conjures up grain, leather and rye notes. It has quite the flavor blast of aged vanilla, caramel and a dash of Mr. Goodbar. The bourbon is on the sweet side before the spice from the rye mingles in. The palate has a decent amount of depth to it and is definitely the highlight of this bourbon. ‚ÄčThe alcohol taste immediately hits the roof of your mouth and lingers. Despite it being a full-bodied bourbon, the flavor drops off immediately with little trace that it was even there. Dry finish.

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Aromas full of lacy, grainy detail, with clean oak and wood spice and a whiff of rye. Initial notes of spicy oak, cinnamon and caramel, which are nicely balanced by touches of aged vanilla, semisweet chocolate, pecan and pears. Smooth, soft finish.

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