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Handmade Bourbon Barrel Wood Serving Tray With Rustic Iron Handles

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This is a stunning piece for the kitchen, an authentic bourbon barrel wooden serving tray with rustic iron handles. It is a rare find, handmade from reclaimed Bourbon Barrel heads from Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Once their life is finished in the Rickhouse absorbing and transforming the clear liquor into the sweet carmel colored bourbon, the barrels are reclaimed from the distillery and disassembled with the Bourbon Barrel heads removed. The back of the Bourbon Barrel Wooden Serving tray clearly shows where the Flame Charred American Oak Barrel absorbed the liquor.  

The back has been clear sealed so the Charcoal will not chip or flake. Each Large Bourbon Barrel Wooden Serving Tray Top is cut to size, sanded, stained, and sealed for longevity. The handles on this serving tray are rustic iron from the period and attached with countersunk screws to the head. The size of the handles ensure confident handling of the serving tray.

The Bourbon Barrel tops vary on each tray, but all of our Wooden Serving Trays are stamped with the Cooperage markings from the distiller, making this piece a truly vintage wooden serving tray for your rustic kitchen and home decor. For a truly unique and heirloom quality decor piece, the Bourbon Barrel Serving Tray is a "can't miss" item. And like all our products, the wooden serving trays are proudly made in the USA. 

  • Wooden Serving Tray Size: 12"W x 21.5”L
  • Bourbon Barrel Wooden Serving Tray With Rustic Iron Handles
  • Rustic Heavy Black Iron Reclaimed Handles
  • Handcrafted in USA