Wild Turkey Rare Breed + My Father Flor de Las Antillas

Cigar Details

It’s only fitting that this mouth-watering cigar is named Flor de las Antillas. Flor de las Antillas means “the flower of the Antilles” which is a name given to Cuba as it sits right in the middle of the Antilles Islands. And it couldn’t be a better name for a new line of cigars from My Father as they are one of the most authentic manufacturers in the business when it comes to making Cuban-esque cigars.  All cigars coming from Tabacalera My Father incorporate traditional Cuban characteristics, from the entubado style bunching (folding the filler tobaccos in an accordion fashion) to the triple caps used at the head of each cigar.

This Habano-wrapped, Nicaraguan puro is medium-bodied and well-constructed; typical of anything coming out of the My Father factory. Upon lighting, you get a dose of heavy spice that recedes into a pleasant blend consisting of pepper and leather. The finish is fairly long and would pair nicely with any after-dinner drink.

Strength: MEDIUM

Shape:     Belicoso 5.5” x52″

Wrapper: Sun Grown

Origin:     Nicaragua

Price:      ~$7.50

Bourbon Details

Rare Breed is what’s called a ‘barrel-proof bourbon’, meaning it’s bottled straight out of the barrel at the proof it has reached. There is no water added to lower the proof and this means its full flavour is maintained.

This bourbon is unique a blend of Wild Turkey 6-, 8- and 12 year old stocks. This special marriage gives the product a rich, exceptional flavour that’s remarkably smooth, considering its high alcohol content.

It’s assertive with hints of light oranges and mint, with tones of sweet tobacco that will remind you of your grandfather’s pipe. Its finish is long, warm and nutty and lingers in the mouth with notes of hot peppers and well-toasted whole wheat bread.

Jimmy Russell, Wild Turkey Master Distiller, keeps his Rare Breed in the freezer so he doesn’t have to add ice, which would melt and dilute the flavor.

Tasting Notes

Proof:   108.2 Proof

Color:   Bright amber gold

Nose:   Dense aromas of roasted whole nuts, peppercorns, banana custard pie, and burnt s

Taste:   Hints of light oranges, mint, and tones of sweet tobacco.

Finish:  Long, warm and nutty and lingers in the mouth with hints of hot peppers and well-toasted whole wheat bread

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