Northern Kentucky’s Bourbon B-Line has announced two new stops to a growing list of whiskey experiences in the region.

The new hotspots include the Sparta, Kentucky-based Neeley Family Distillery and the upscale restaurant and bar Coppin’s at Hotel Covington.

Hotel Covington is an essential resting spot for whiskey tourism in the area, but until this month the on-premise restaurant (and its well-stocked bar) had not been formally recognized or inducted into the list.

Coppin's at Hotel Covington. Courtesy meetNKY
Coppin’s at Hotel Covington. Courtesy meetNKY.

“Adding Coppin’s to The B-Line gives participants another excellent choice in culinary experiences throughout Northern Kentucky,” said Julie Kirkpatrick, Vice President—Sales & Marketing at meetNKY. “The unique, local menu options are the perfect beginning or ending to a day of bourbon exploration.”

The B-Line maintains its guest-friendly balance of bars and distilleries at 5 and 5 by adding the Neeley Family Distillery this year as well. The Neeleys broke ground in 2015 and have since begun to put away barrels for aging, but while the distillery may be new, the family’s 11 generations of moonshining heritage bring experience and craftsmanship to the whiskey-making process.

Mash tubs at the Neeley Family Distillery. Courtesy meetNKY.
Mash tubs at the Neeley Family Distillery. Courtesy meetNKY.

You can find more information, as well as a complete listing of the 10 B-Line stops, here.

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