In a solid lineup of new releases (Bourbons of the Fall) comes another from Brown-Forman. The first in a new series, 1870 Original Batch, will

1870 Original Batch

1870 Original Batch

commemorate the year Old Forester became the first batched bourbon. According to Brown-Forman, bourbon was sold by the barrel prior to the release of Old Forester, causing quality and taste profile to vary.

Old Forester’s founder George Garvin Brown changed the industry by batching bourbon from three different distilleries to create a product that was consistent. To emulate Brown’s pioneering 1870 batching process, the 1870 Original Batch bourbon is comprised of barrels selected from three different warehouses with a different day of production as well as a different entry proof and maturation period. The expressions will be batched together to create this 90-proof product which represents the innovative technique developed by Brown which has become an integral part of the bourbon industry.

With a suggested retail price of $44.95 for a 750 ml, 1870 Original Batch will roll out in select cities: Chicago, Denver, Louisville, Nashville, New York City, Seattle and San Francisco.


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