Heaven Hill 7-Year Bottled-in-Bond. Courtesy Heaven Hill Distillery.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestmail

Heaven Hill Distillery has announced the release of a namesake, 7-year-old, Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Whiskey.

The “Bottled-in-Bond” designation has been a seal of quality for American whiskeys since 1897. Bourbons that bear the label must age a minimum of four years in a federally bonded warehouse and be bottled at exactly 100 proof. To further ensure consistency, everything inside the bottle must be of the same class of whiskey (bourbon, rye, etc.) and made at the same distillery in the same distilling season by the same distiller.

“Heaven Hill Distillery was built on patience and perseverance, two values we continue to pour into our products today,” said Heaven Hill Distillery President Max L. Shapira in a press release this morning. “At a time when American Whiskey is surging, we are proud to release a namesake product that really brings us back to our company’s founding. It celebrates our rich bourbon-making heritage, as well as the values and standards we hold today as a point of passion for our company.”

The Back Label of Heaven Hill 7-Year-Old Bottled-in-Bond. Photo Courtesy Heaven Hill.
The Back Label of Heaven Hill 7-Year-Old Bottled-in-Bond. Photo Courtesy Heaven Hill.

The distillery has highlighted Bottled-in-Bond bourbons since their founding in 1939. The back label of the bottle references the first namesake Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond 4-Year as once being the best-selling bourbon in Kentucky. Last fall, Heaven Hill discontinued their famous 6-year, Old Style Bottled-in-Bond. The expression was a fan favorite at just $15.

Interestingly, the new Heaven Hill 7-Year Bottled-in-Bond will not be available in its home state of Kentucky. The distillery states that it will hit shelves in October in the limited markets of California, Texas, New York, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, South Carolina, and Colorado for around $40.

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