The Iron Solstice, created by The Weekend Mixologist. Photo Courtesy Heaven's Door.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestmail

Summer means longer days and hotter nights, and we think a spicy rye whiskey cocktail matches that mood perfectly. Our pick this week? The Iron Solstice, a fresh, summery mix created by Barlow Gilmore, aka The Weekend Mixologist. With sunset vibes and crisp, floral flavors, it’s sure to be a favorite for the season.

“I set out to create something really crisp and refreshing, so I chose the [Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey] to play off and build upon the floral and ginger tasting notes I loved so much,” says Gilmore.

Heaven’s Door Whiskey, owned by rock legend Bob Dylan, has big things on the horizon. Not only do they have two new limited release whiskeys on the way, they’re readying the new Tennessee home for their brand. The Heaven’s Door Distillery and Center for the Arts will be housed in a gorgeous 160-year-old church in downtown Nashville, showcasing Dylan’s music, metalworking, and of course, whiskey.

Their straight rye whiskey is finished is Vosages French Oak cigar barrels, giving it notes of “orange peel, coriander, and spice” that shine in the Iron Solstice.

Iron Solstice

2 parts Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey
¾ parts Elderflower Liqueur
¾ parts Fresh Lemon Juice
Ginger Ale
2 Dashes Aromatic Bitters

Add rye, elderflower liqueur and lemon juice to a shaking tin and then add ice. Shake well and strain over ice into a highball. Add ginger ale and then top with bitters. Complete the Iron Solstice with a garnish of lemon.

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